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Facial Fat Transfer

Facial fat transfer is an innovative procedure that can be an effective rejuvenation option on its own or it can be combined with other advanced facial procedures to produce more comprehensive enhancement. Also known as fat grafting or “fat injections,” this treatment takes excess fat cells from one part of the body via liposuction and injects them into areas of the face targeted for rejuvenation. Facial fat transfer can be an ideal option for patients who would like to diminish signs of wrinkles and fine lines, improve hollow areas affected by facial atrophy, or add volume to specific facial features. This treatment can also be utilized to reduce signs of mild scarring. 

Among the numerous benefits offered by facial fat transfer are the quality and longevity of results—by using the body’s own fat for enhancement, many patients have experienced outcomes that appear very natural and last for years. Plus, this technique offers individuals the advantage of two procedures in one: liposuction of excess fat in one area of the body followed by cosmetic rejuvenation of another. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Thomas Crabtree, MD, can meet with you for an initial consultation and help you determine whether facial fat transfer is an ideal option for your goals.

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